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Our Team

The Edinboro Art and Music Festival, founded in 2004, is a showcase of grassroots art and music in the unique spirit of Appalachian culture and tradition.  For four days, festival attendees of all ages, artists, educators, dancers, instructors, and the surrounding community come together to embrace our deep culture and feel the heart and soul of our community. The EAMF serves to energize and weave the regional character of Erie County, through art, music, dancing, and health and well-being events.


Throughout the four-day festival, we feature a variety of live music performances, instrumental workshops (banjo, ukulele, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, etc.), health and well-being workshops (yoga, pilates, drum circle), art openings (local and children’s art), local artisan and food vendors, as well as a children’s tent, which feature’s interactive art workshops, sing-a-longs, DIY stations, drum-making and more.


All of our events are free and open to the public!

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